The world of multimedia is becoming a revolution that provides great benefits and facilities. We must know and positively benefit from what offer us this new technology and adapt.

When we develop a corporate web site is increasingly more frequent to introduce multimedia elements that is highly recommended to improve the image of our company. To help us with the good positioning of our website. Provided that they are interesting videos to our customers or users.

It would be necessary to open a profile can accommodate our multimedia files that would be a way of enriching your project of web design and multimedia elements to Captivate and inform visitors.

The media would be a perfect combination of text, a graphic, a fixed image or animation with audio (music, voice and sound). We will have to use multimedia to convey an attractive information, stoke the interest of the user with a striking image, increasing the credibility of the company to get as always encourage interactivity.

Audiovisual resources with pictures and animation resources innovative and creative to becoming customer of audio-visual and artistic way.

We carry out installation video, virtual invitations, photo books and birthdays posters, weddings, christenings, animation for ads, virtual resume and cover letter accompanying, multimedia cds for fairs and congresses.


Visum Spot

Producción: Visum Models: View Management, Gina Cosette, Irene Juste Aguilo, Joan Palau Garcia Dirección: Pablo Sola Asistente de dirección: Max Palou Jefe de producción: Andrea [...]